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It’s known as the “Equality State” for being pioneer on the women’s rights or the “Cowboy State”.

A total of 5% of its territory has been declared as natural park, including in this area the famous “Yellowstone National Park” and some reserve areas where the following tribes are found: Cheyenne, gros ventre, kiowa, nez perce, sheep eater and siux. These lands are home of many animal species including the American Bison.

It’s most important city and capital is Cheyenne. Other cities are Casper, Leranie, Gillete, Rock Springs, Sheridan and Cody. Thunders and hail storms are present in summer so offen. The temperature during summer is between 17 and 20 degrees celcius, and from -7 to -3° C in winter.

The main axis of the economy are mining and tourism. The state is the largest coal producer in the entire United States. Agriculture is still an essential part of their culture and their lifestyle and also of their harmony, which focuses on the extraction of sugar beet (including sheep) and wheat sows.

This state offer a wide range of entertainment options, from digging to search for dinosaur bones until photographing wild animals (wolves, bisons, moose and many others). In addition to that, there are some historical sites linked to the search of Gold, Museums of the Old West, Art Galleries, Sorcery Ceremonies or rituals of American Indians, and National Parks.

Among these parks, the Gran Teton and Yellowstone are the most important. This last one has geotermic characteristics, including geisers thermal water, etc. So another attraction is the tower of the devil a mounth of a volcano and the Green buffalo fall, an archeological excavation where is observed layer of bison bones.

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