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West Virginia State


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It’s called the “Mountain State” for the Apalaches Mounts breaking through the eastern part. The capital is Charleston. Other main cities are Huntinton, Wheeling and Morgantown.

It separated from Virginia during the Civil War in 1863, and was admitted to the Union as a separate state on June 20 of that same year. It is the only state formed as a direct result of this war, and the only one formed from secession.

Most of the time the weather results in a good condition to live, work and sow. Spring is the most beautiful season of all.

Thousand of attractions may be found here, the railways are full of historywhich count on museums. So, you can find out relevant world records and national ones. For instance, the most visited cave in the U.S and the biggest at west Virginia, the only carcoiled- house, the longest ironed- Arc- Shaped bridge, and many others.

Traditional southern fare is very popular in this “meat and potatoes” state, almost as popular as its slaw hot dogs.

West Virginia Farms produce beef and dairy cattle, chikens and turkeys. Their crops include apples, especially golden delicious, peaches and corn.

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