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It belongs to the traditionally called “Wild West”. 6% of its territory has been declared natural park in which the famous grizzly bear live. It’s known as “The Evergreen State” for its forests of this kind of tree.

The capital is Olimpia, and among its major cities are Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Yakima and Bellingham.

On this western state of the Rocky Mountains you can find places full of history, unexplored region volcanoes, reefs, islands of great beauty eagles, whales, turtles, a wildlife refuge.

In seattle is located the best world museums of dolls. Among some main places to visit are: Columbia’s cliffs, Sent- Helens mountain, San Juan Islands and the Olimpic and Spokan National Parks.

In seattle you can taste a good coffee, due to its innovative cafes, House of Starbucks, The Space Needle Tower is the reference landmark at Northeast from the Pacific Ocean, an Overwhelming Observation Tower.

On the top of the Needle is found the charming restaurant skycity. Other places to visit are Pike Place market, The Bruce Lee Tomb, Washington Lake, Seattle Aquarium and lot of magical places.

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