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“The Beehive State”, symbology of the bees for the labor and perseverance of its colonizers. The rocky mountains cross overthis state which spread trough unexplored lands of wildlife and natural richness.

The capital is Salt Lake City and Provo, West Valley, Sandy and Orem are its important cities. Spring and fall use to bring any type of unexpected climate. Actually, one must be prepared for eventualities.

Utah offers a lot of touristical attractions, its Parks, a combination of scenery and entertaiment, its ancient village of Indians and colonizers and above all, its historical sites related on trains.

One of these touristical attractions is undoubtedly the Bryce Canyon, a canyon not carved by a river but a 30-kilometer-zone on wiich espectacular and curious structures one grouped known as hoodoos.

Salt Lake City is the house of the firts Mormon church, among other things, you can visit the Apple temple of the Gilgal Sculpture Gardens.
You can explore the Hogle Zoo, The Fine Arts Museum, The Temple Park and many other interesting places.

There are anual festivals and local events that celebrate artistry, cultural diversity and the human spirit. The Sundance Film Festival is one of the many events you can see in Utah.

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