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Oregon state belongs to the traditionally called “Wild West”. It´s known as “The Beaver State” for the importance of this animal on historical, economical and ecological fields. Salem is the capital of Oregon. Most important cities are Portland, Eugene, Albany, Medford and others.

Oregon´s industry is dedicated to Wood exploitation and derived products, christmas tres, pears, Grass sedes, nuts, wheat.

Oregon´s forests and Parks play an important role on tourism as well its fauna, wildlife, volcanoes and other sites of geological interest.

In Portland you can enjoy nightlife visiting different places such as Comedy venues, Dance clubs, Karaoke, Concert venues, restaurants, happy hours, etc. You can enjoy beers at the Best Irish pubs in Portland after that, dance from Salsa and line dancing to Lindy hop and blues at the city´s favorites venues and popular weekly events.

The city of roses (Porteland) beasts one of the best tango communities outside of Buenos Aires with dance and lessons available almost every night.

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