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It’s better known as “Silver State” or “Sagebrug State”, which is an abundant plant in its land. And also Nevada is known as “Battle Born State” the capital of Nevada is Carson city, but Las Vegas, is the most famous because of the Casinos and gambling games.

Other important cities are Reno, Henderson, North Las Vegas and spark. Tourism arises as it’s main industry followed by mining, especially silver exploitation, machinery, food processing, electrical equipment,etc.

The touristical attraction more profitable is legal gambling at cities that live out thanks to their huge hotel facilities casinos, and other halls adapted to this kind of entertainment.

For an alternative to the beeping slot machines, consider stepping out, to explore those destinations:

A misterious ghost town, Seven Magic Mountains at the Mojare desert, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area, Lake Las Vegas, Hooverdam, and many other national areas all over the región.

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