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Here is found the Lake of Michiganone of the biggest of this land. This state is known as the “Wolverine State” and “Great Lakes State” because its coast border five of the big lakes, additionally, it has more than 11.000 lakes. You´re never so far from any of its lakes wherever you are.

The capital is Lansing. Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren and Flint are its main cities. The warn effects of the Lake of Michigan determines the existence of the famous productive belt of fruits along its shores.

A relevant industry is Car production and Mechanical parts, metal production, chemical products and so on. Also, it produces crops of apples, blackberries, vegetables, corn and soy.

Michigan forest, lands and water from, undoubtedly, a vibrant part of this state. Hunting and fishing are important leisure activities. Michigan is home to many types of animals especially the widespread white- tailed deer (the state animal), peregrine falcon, short-eared owl, blue herons, etc.

A curious fact is that Corn Flakes were born in Battle Creek in 1898 The Kellogg Brothers were trying to make granola but accidentally created flakes instead.

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