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Maryland is nicknamed as “The Old Line State” in reference to the troops of Maryland the served bravely in many battles of the revolutionary war under command of George Washigton. “The Free State” is another nickname.

Maryland´s capital is Anápolis, but Baltimore is more famous. Other cities are Silver spring, Dundalk, Bithesda and Wheaton. It has a temperate climate. For a small state like this. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, it has relatively nice winters and warm summers. It has an average of 25 days of snow per year, but 7 days are enough to accumulate great amount of snow.

This state forests are spread over a 41% of its whole territory. The forests and mountains are the main attraction for tourists. Maryland is home to an estimated 90% species of mammals.

Over 400 species of birds and several hundred species of marine and freshwater fishes. Mammals such as the offer, black rat, Norway rat, Sika deer, Gray Wolf, Porcupines, etc. Are found on this vast land, among the fishes, we can mention: Oceanic dolphins and pilot whales, Manatees Rorqual Whales, Porpoises, etc.

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