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It´s known as the ʺHoosier Stateʺ. The capital of Indiana in Indianapolis, where is held the famous car race of Indianapolis 500. Among its most important cities are Wayne, Evansville, Gary (mainly known for being the birthplace of Michael Jackson) and South Bend.

It presents the four seasons clearly differentiated. Snow falls twice or three times during winter. Its economy is focused on crops of corn and soy, cattle pork, eggs and milky products. It owns on industry based on steel, oil, carcoil, chemical products and machinery.

From the south hills until the Dunes along the Michigan Lake, Indiana displays wonderful sceneries, events and cultural events. You can also live the interesting experience of the Amish tradition and enjoy beautiful historical buildings, parks and museums.

Indiana was the first state in the public system of state education, in 1816, however, the budgets needed for this public system sold off the creation of new taxes, so, many of the inhabitants of Indiana were against the payment of taxes for educational services, and this public system was quickly canceled in a large part of the State. Years later in 1851, Indiana created a new state public school system, this time, successfully.

If you want to enjoy nightlife, some of the best places are the Handlebar, Mind Tripping Show Cabaret, Blue Gate Theater. Sime food (non – official) from Indiana you can taste are the pork sandwich, sugar cream pie and number 1 canned pork and beans in the country: VanCamp´s pork and beans.

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