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Besides of being the most populated district with 2.600.000 inhabitants, it´s probably the most famous district of NEw York after Manhattan.

Brooklyn has been the birthplace of famous artists like Barbara Streisand, Eddie Murphy, Cindy Lauper, Jennifer Connelly and Woody Allen. Among sport celebrities are Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson.

When crossing the Brooklyn bridge from Manhattan, you arrive to this historical district where Truman Capote used to live in. Wlaking throughout its surrounding streets is highly recommended. A famous street is Henry Street, walking out by the East River, you can enjoy the best views of Manhattan.

Prospect Park offers a much more wild aspect than Central Park. This is the second biggest park of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Museum of Art holds important collections of African Art, Egypt´s and South/Central America. Besides these visits on the south of Brooklyn you may find the famous beach and park of Coney Island.

The lighted-houses of Brooklyn. Dyker Heights, these houses are one of the wonderful attractions during Christmastime. It´s concerned about a Decor Contest since 1980 that awards the outstanding lighted-house.

During summer you can enjoy open air summer movies, a unique experience.

Williamsburg Flea Market is located in Brooklyn at Williamsburg. There you can buy clothes, sunglasses, jerseys, jewels, music, paintings, furniture and all kinds of antiquities not so peculiar. This is a paradise for hipsters but mostly people visit this market because of the amazing view of Manhattan you can behold from this area.