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California´s capital is Sacramento and its most populated city is Los Angeles. It´s located in the West Coast of the United States. It´s the third most huge in territory behind Alaska and Texas it was admitted to the Union on September 9th, 1850 as the 31st state.

The Spaniard crown colonized the coast areas of the territory in 1769. California was part of Mexico until the war between Mexico and the United States in 1846-48. As a peace condition, Mexico was obliged to give this territory.

The nickname of the state is “The Golden State”, which some assume may come from the many days when the sun shines during the year, others think it is because of the golden color that the mountains can take at certain times of the day, however Many guess that this nickname refers to the period of the gold rush, this was a social phenomenon that began in 1848, after the discovery of some nuggets of the precious metal in the rivers near the village of Coloma. The news of this finding caused the displacement of 300,000 people to the golden lands of the American West. the first to arrive collected large amounts of gold, this contributed to the transformation of villages into a big city and the formation of an economy around the mining activity

If California were an independent nation, it would be the tenth economy of the world. The main economical activities are the agriculture, leisure, electricity and tourism. There are some of the most important cities of the world such as Los Angeles, (entertainment, leisure), Central Valley (Agriculture), Silicon Valley (Computer Science and high technology), and the Napa Valley (wine).

Some of California´s symbols are The California Grizzly bear, its bird is The Valley Quail, its colors blue and gold, its flower is the California Poppy, its folk dance is the square dance and many others.

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