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The 706 area code belongs to the northern and west-central region of Georgia State, except for the Atlanta metropolitan area

This prefix associated with the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) possesses a single overlay, the 762 area code, which runs in the service area. Both codes are located in the Eastern Daylight time zone, just like the rest of Georgia’s codifications. 

The 706 area code corresponds to the state’s numbering plan area that constitutes the telephone service of Georgia. Also, it surrounds 50 of the 159 counties of the state; including Richmond, Muscogee, Columbia, Clarke, and Whitfield.

1. History

The Bell System and AT&T put in service the 706 area code on May 3, 1992, as a split off from the prefix 404 installed in 1947, which is the original codification of Georgia and used to serve the entire territory. 

 With the activation of this new prefix, almost all the old 404 service areas outside Atlanta and some southern suburbs received the 706 area code. Nevertheless, soon after many of these zones was covered again by the 404 prefix due to the displeasure of the communities.   

The introduction of the 706 area code reduced the saturation trouble of the region for over 13 years. However, in June 2005, the Georgia Public Service Commission communicates that the prefix 706 was on the brink of exhaustion. 

For this reason, the NANP started work in a new codification for Georgia. On May 16, 2006, the 762 area code began serving as part of an overlay plan for the codification 706; being one of the youngest dialing codes of the Georgia network. 

2. Location

Bordered by the states of North and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee, this territory is the 8th most populous of the U.S. Georgia is currently constituted by 535 incorporated municipalities, being the major cities Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, and Athens. 

Admitted on January 2, 1788, Georgia disposes of 17 cities with a population above 50k residents. This state is also home to the Atlanta metropolitan area, the 9th largest metro area in terms of population in the nation, encompassing around 6 million residents

For its part, the 706 area code owns 242 non-unique postal area zip codes and covers 15882.25 square miles

Adjacent codes

As we already mentioned the Georgia telephone network possesses 9 area codes. The first codification activated in the region is the 404 area code, which started running in 1947, as one of the 86 original codes added to the territories of Canada and the U.S. 

The most populated service area of the state is the Atlanta metro area. This region is served by the prefixes 404, 678, 470, and 770, being the last code the most employed in Georgia covering over 4.7 million residents

On the other hand, the Central region of Georgia functions with the 478 area code, which surrounds 25 counties and more than 50 cities including Macon, Warner Robins, and Milledgeville.

3. Most Important Cities in the 706 Area Code


Augusta is a consolidated city-county situated on the central-eastern border of Georgia on the Savannah River. It is officially known as the Augusta-Richmond County, established in 1736 and consolidated in 1996

This city owns a population estimated at 201k residents being the second most populous municipality of the state after the city-state capital of Atlanta. At the moment, Augusta disposes of some of the most iconic locations of the region, like Augusta Downtown Historic District that encompasses most of downtown Augusta and its pre-Civil War area

Augusta’s population sprawls across 306.5 square miles and possesses 13 non-unique Zip codes, including 30901, 30904, 309055, 30914, and 30999. 


Columbus is a consolidated city-county lying on the west-central section of Georgia. As the county seat of Muscogee County, it encompasses over 195k inhabitants, becoming the third-most populous city of the state. 

Founded in 1828 and named for the Italian navigator and explorer Christopher Columbus, this stretches on the Chattahoochee River and surrounds a total area of 221.01 square miles

Columbus postal service is currently compounded for 17 non-unique zip codes


Athens represents one of the 8 consolidated city counties associated with Georgia. 

Located about 70 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, this city is the 6th largest municipality in terms of population, encompassing over 126k inhabitants. 

Considered a college town, this city is home to the University of Georgia, one of the oldest Universities of the county and the most significant of the state. 

Surrounding a total area of 118.2 square miles, Athens possesses 10 non-unique ZIP codes.

4. Other Important Locations and ZIP Codes of the 706 Area Code

The 706 area code surrounds 50 counties in its coverage radius: 

  • Muscogee County: founded on June 9, 1826, is a western-central county that forms part of the Columbus, GA-AL Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its population of about 195k inhabitants expands across 221 square miles and disposes of 19 ZIP codes


  • Whitfield County: located in northwestern Georgia, this county corresponds to the Dalton, GA Metropolitan Statistical Area. Whitfield encloses around 104k residents, being Dalton and Varnell its major communities. Covering 291 square miles it includes 8 ZIP codes.


  • Floyd County: settled on December 3, 1832, and named for the American politician and brigadier general John Floyd, this county surrounds 518 square miles, being Rome its largest city and county seat. Moreover, it disposes of 11 ZIP codes.


  • Walker County: it is the 34th most populous county of the state with around 69k residents. Settled on December 18, 1833, this land formerly was inhabited by the Cherokee Indian Nation. Located in northwestern Georgia Walker owns 6 ZIP codes.

Main Postal and Shipping Services

  • The Mail Room, Columbus, GA,  +1 706-323-6687
  • Qwik Pack & Ship, Augusta, GA,- +1 706-447-4051
  • A2 Global Shipping, Athens, GA, - +1 706-509-0273
  • Consolidated Mail Sevices, Augusta, GA,- +1 706-504-4198

5. FAQs

How many counties cover the 706 area code?

The 706 area code serves 50 of the 159 Georgia counties.

What is the overlay for the 706 area code?

 The 706 area code disposes of a single overlay that is the prefix 762 installed in 2006.