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The 508 area code is a telephone prefix associated whit the south-central and most of the southeastern portions of Massachusetts’ State. This dialing number possesses one overlay, the 774 code, and is the main prefix functioning in the region. 

The telephone network of this state integrates 9 area codes for the entire region. The 508 area code stands out as the most populous codification serving at this zone with around 1.8 million of the state's 6.8 million residents.

By being one of the financial and manufacturing centers of the New England region, Massachusetts needs a strong and stable telecommunications system, which provides a high-quality service for the residents. These codes integrate that solid network needed to cover the users’ demand.

1. History

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) established the 508 area code on July 16, 1988. This prefix is a split from the 617 area code, now corresponding to Boston and several surrounding communities in Massachusetts State

By 1947, with the creation of the NANP, AT&T, and the Bell System divided Massachusetts’ territory into two area codes. The 617 area code, which used to be the main prefix of the state, started covering the eastern two-thirds of Massachusetts and the codification 413 on the western side of the state.  

Three decades later, the 617 area code decreased its coverage radius with the activation of the number 508. Besides, by 1997, another split from the 617 code arrived (781), reducing the 617 area code to Boston itself and its closer-in suburbs.

The 508 area code was split on September 1, 1997, creating the prefix 978, assigned to the north-central and most of the northeastern portion of the state. On the other hand, on May 2, 2001, the 774 area code began serving as part of an overlay plan, to avoid the risk of saturation in the region. 

2. Location

Massachusetts remains in the New England region of the United States bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the east, New York’s state to the west, Rhode Island and Connecticut to the south, and New Hampshire to the north. 

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is one of the 13 original states in the country. It encompasses 8 Statistical areas and 14 counties, 8 of them covered by the 508 area code. Also, this region is the most populous state of the New England region and the 14th in the U.S. territory. 

In terms of total area, Massachusetts is the 7th smallest state in the country. Nevertheless, it has been a commercial, cultural and scientific influence for the United States throughout history. 

The 508 area code is located in the Eastern Daylight time zone. This code encloses 239 non-unique postal area zip codes and covers 2775.70 square miles

Adjacent codes

The 508 area code contains a single overlay, the dialing number 774. However, Massachusetts disposes of another 7 codifications established in its telephone network

The original area codes included in the state were the numbers 617 and 413. Both codes are currently running in their specific zones. The prefix 413 is the only area code operating in its region, while the codification 617 has a single overlay (857); and serves Boston, the city-state capital

The most recent prefix included in the state is the overlay of the 508 area code, the number 774. Other significant codifications are the 781 area code and its overlay the 339; surrounding most of Boston‘s inner suburbs and some municipalities in the South Shore region. 

Out of the state, this prefix borders the 443 area code of Maryland, the 603 area code of New Hampshire, and the 207 area code in Maine, among others.

3. Most Important Locations in the 570 Area Code


Located in the Blackstone River, about midway between Boston and Springfield, Worcester is the main city and county seat of Worcester County. This city lies in the center of Massachusetts’ state and is called by residents the “Heart of the Commonwealth”.

Settled in 1673, and incorporated as a city on February 29, 1848, Worcester is the second-most populous city in Massachusetts and the New England region after Boston. Plus it has a population estimated at 185.143 inhabitants.  

Worcester is not only a commercial and industrial center for the state, but it’s also the hub of an urbanized area composed of several towns and municipalities. Just like the whole Massachusetts territory, this city is home to a great number of immigrants, which represent 22% of the state’s population. 

This industrial city covers 16 non-unique ZIP codes; including 01601, 01604, 01612, 01653, among others. 

New Bedford

Situated at the mouth of the Acushnet River on Buzzards Bay in Bristol County, New Bedford is the 6th largest city in Massachusetts State. It has around 95.239 inhabitants and 24.990 families residing in the city. 

Settled in 1652, its incorporation as a city dates from 1787. This location possesses one of the greatest seafood industries in the South Coast region of Massachusetts. Known as “The Walling City”, New Bedford was one of the world’s most important whaling ports in the 19th century. 

Covered by the 508 area code, this region possesses 7 non-unique ZIP codes: 02740, 02741, 02742, 02743, 02744, 02745, and 02746

4. Other Important Districts and ZIP Codes of the 508 Area Code

The 508 area code covers 8 of the 14 counties in Massachusetts including: 

  • Bristol County: this county is situated in the Providence-Warwick, RI-MA Metropolitan Statistical Area, near Rhode Island’s state. Bristol has a total area of 691 square miles and encompasses around 565k inhabitants


  • Middlesex County: founded on May 10, 1643, Middlesex forms part of the Metro West region of the state. This county has a population estimated at 1,612 million residents, being the most populous county in Massachusetts and New England.


  • Worcester County: with an estimated population of 830k people, is the second-most populous county in the state and largest in terms of area. Its county seat is WorcesterCity, which lies in the MA-CT Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Main Postal and Shipping Services

  • East Walpole Postal Services, East Walpole, MA - +1 508-668-5402
  • Mail Box Services, Mattapoisett, MA - +1 508-758-9700
  • Joseph D. Early Post Office, Worcester, MA - +1 508-795-3600
  • West Boylston Post Office, West Boylston, MA - +1 508-835-2022

5. FAQs

How Many Area Codes Are There in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts encloses 9 area codes covering the whole territory.

What is the most recent area code added to Massachusetts?

The most recent area code introduced to the state is the 774 area code, overlaid by the 508 area code.