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The 503 area code is part of the telephone prefixes associated with the northwestern portion of Oregon, covering not only the largest city of the state, Portland, but also, some locations in Salem, the capital, and the region of Astoria

This codification had been relevant for local businesses, homes, and offices, particularly in the city of Portland, considering that it was the original dialing code assigned to the city; furthermore, it used to serve the total area of Oregon

Also, the 503 area code is home to some significant companies and brand headquarters in the Portland area, which is the case of NikeColumbia Sportswear, and Intel

1. History

By 1947, AT&T and the Bell System created 86 area codes for the whole territory of the United States, as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). One of these numbers was the 503 area code, firstly, designated to the entire state of Oregon, and then, diminished to its northwestern side. 

Oregon developed as one of the largest states with just one area code until the early 1990s. When the massive growth of the population and the proliferation of cell phones obligated the addition of a new prefix. In contemplation of this concern, the dialing code 503 was limited to the northwestern zone, in November 1995.  

The rest of Oregon was covered by the new prefix the 541 area code, which came out as an immediate solution for the current complication. This codification wouldn’t affect the cities of Portland nor Salem

Fifteen years later, it would be overlapped by the number 458. 

Today, the 503 area code has a single overlay, the prefix 971, included on July 1st, 1999. This code used to serve the whole territory of 503 except for the counties of Clatsop and Tillamook; both districts were introduced in the 971 number in 2008. 

2. Location

The state of Oregon takes up the Pacific Northwest region of the US. This area is delineated to the north by the Columbia River. It is bounded by the states of Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada. For its side, the region covered by the 503 area code, Portland’s city, is situated in the northwestern portion of Oregon and remains as the seat of Multnomah County since 1854. 

Considered one of the most diverse geographic zones in the nation, Oregon’s state appears as the 9th largest and 27th most populous in the country, while Portland figures as the major city in terms of surface and population, even though the city of Salem is the capital.  

The 503 dialing code encompasses 12 of the 36 counties established in Oregon, including Multnomah, Clackamas, Marrion, and Yamhill. Over and above, this code covers 9302.86 square miles and holds 188 non-unique postal area zip codes.

Adjacent codes

As abovementioned, the 503 isn’t the only codification present in the state of Oregon, even, this number is overlaid by the 971 area code, both codes delegated to the northwestern side of the region. 

On the other hand, the telephone number prefix 541 encloses the rest of Oregon’s territory, becoming the most employed by Oregonians. Also, it envelops 27 counties and disposes of a single overlay, the prefix 458, which was introduced in 2010. 

3. Most Important Locations in the 503 Area Code


The city of Portland is the largest location established in its state. It contains more than 654.741 people and covers a total area of 144.98 sq. mi. This region lies in Multnomah County and owns a large surrounding urban area, including districts as Beaverton and Gresham

Formed in 1845, and incorporated in 1851, Portland was firstly settled by families of the Oregon Trail. From its foundation, this area has been determined as a major port city and has attached a large population of immigrants.  

At the moment, its population has continued increasing, and in the recent 20 years, a strong tech scene has grown in the region with the booming economy. Besides, there are currently 31 ZIP codes covering the Portland Metro Area. 


The capital of Oregon’s State is the city of Salem. This area is also the seat of Marion County, located southwest of Portland. It lies as the principal city in the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area, enclosing the counties of Marion and Polk

This location was established as the capital of Oregon in 1851. Moreover, it used to serve as a settlement for several manufacturing industries since the decade of 1870. At this time, the city stands out for being a hub for local farming and a relevant food processing center.     

Salem is the second-most populous city in Oregon, it owns a population estimated at 829,267 and covers 14 ZIP codes

4. Other Important Districts and ZIP Codes of the 503 Area Code

The 503 area code encloses 12 counties and more than 50 cities, districts, and neighborhoods, included:

  • Multnomah County: with more than 800,000 residentsMultnomah is the most populous of Oregon’s 36 counties. This district was incorporated on December 22, 1854, disposes of 50 Zip codes surrounding the entire area.


  • Clackamas County: this location was founded on July 5, 1853, and named “Clackamas” by the Native Americans who used to inhabit the area, has a population of 375,992 residents, being the third most populous Oregon’s County, and covered by 24 Zip codes


  • Washington County: this county includes historic cities owned by the state of Oregon as Forest Grove and Beaverton. Washington was designated as a county on July 5, 1843. The location has a population estimated at 610,968 people and has a total amount of 21 ZIP codes

Main Postal and Shipping Services

  • The UPS Store| Beaverton, OR - +1  503-646-2904
  • United States Postal Service Delivery Carrier Unit,  Portland, OR - +1 503-232-9566
  • Postal Place PDX Package Hub Business Center, Portland, OR- +1 503-285-4600
  • Mail Room Plus, Portland, OR- +1 503-762-2130

5. FAQs

How Many Area Codes Are There in Oregon?

Oregon owns 4 area codes for its territory: 503, 971,541, and 458.

Can I Use the 503 Prefix on a Cellphone?

Oregon establishes a specific dialing code for cell phones, depending on the user's city.