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The 215 area code is one of the dialing numbers that constitute Pennsylvania’s telephone network. This codification serves the city of Philadelphia as well as Bucks and Montgomery counties.

Covering the southeast portion of Pennsylvania, the prefix 215 disposes of two overlays, which surround the same region: the 267 area code, and the number 445.

This 215 area code symbolizes an icon for the state being one of the original telephone prefixes assigned to the region. At the moment, the prefix 215 stands out as the most employed area code in Pennsylvania, serving over 2.6 million users.

1. History

By 1947, AT&T and the Bell System designed 86 dialing numbers for the entire region of the U.S., as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). In addition, Pennsylvania’s state originally obtained four area codes, like Texas, Ohio, and Illinois.

Pennsylvania’s public commission assigned one area code for each one of the four state’s quadrants. The 412 prefix started running in western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh, the 717 code surrounded the eastern half except for the Delaware and Lehigh Valleys, the northwestern and central region was covered by the 814 code, and southeastern Pennsylvania by the 215.

The 215 area code served the entire southeastern region until January 8, 1994, when Philadelphia's western suburbs and the Lehigh Valley, changed to the 610 area code, restricting the number 215 to the northern suburbs.

This codification has been split twice since its installation. The first time on July 1, 1997, creating its first overlay the 267 area code, and the second one on February 3, 2018, with the introduction of the dialing number 445

2. Location

Situated in the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern region of the US, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the 5th most populous and 33rd largest of the 50 incorporated states of the country.

This state covers a total area of 46,055 square miles and is constituted by 67 counties including Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery.

On the other hand, the southeastern region of the Commonwealth encloses eight of the ten most populous counties of the state. Covered by the 215 area code, Southeastern Pennsylvania encompasses the state’s largest city, Philadelphia, which represents the center of economic activity in the state. 

Located in the Eastern Daylight time zone the 215 area code contains 191 non-unique postal area zip codes and surrounds 905.59 square miles.

Adjacent codes

The telephone network of Pennsylvania is one of the most used networks in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Pennsylvania encompasses 13 area codes for its entire territory, being the oldest prefixes of the dialing numbers 717, 412, 814, and 215.

The newest codification added to the network is the 445 area code in 2018, as part of an overlay plan for the prefix 215.

The 717 area code surrounded the city-state capital of Harrisburg and other adjacent municipalities in South Central Pennsylvania. This prefix began serving in 1947 and possesses a single overlay: the 223 area code.

Most Important Cities and Boroughs in the 215 Area Code


This territory is the county seat of Philadelphia County and the most populous city of Pennsylvania State, encompassing around 1,585 million inhabitants. Also, it is ranked as the second-most populous municipality in the Northeastern United States, just behind New York.

Its foundation dates from 1682. This city used to serve as the capital of the Pennsylvania Colony, one of the oldest Colonies of the U.S., established by William Penn, an English Quaker.

Philadelphia lies in the southeastern portion of the state, situated at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. Characterized for its small towns, parks, and open spaces, this city is the main economic and industrial bastion of the region.

Being the state’s largest city, Philadelphia requires a solid postal service and telecommunication system. At the moment, it possesses 87 non-unique ZIP codes.


Settled between 1951 and 1958, Levittown lies in the southern end of Bucks County, within the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

This urban area disposes of a population of over 51k residents, becoming the second most populous covered by the 215 area code. Covering a total area of 10.2 square miles, this city is sometimes recognized as the largest suburb of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

It encloses just 5 non-unique ZIP codes: 19054, 19055, 19056, 19057, and 19058.


Incorporated in 1872, Lansdale is a borough located in Montgomery County, northwest of Philadelphia, and included in the greater Philadelphia Metropolitan Statistical Area.

This Borough stands out as the center of the North Penn Valley, which also includes the municipalities of North Wales and Hatfield. With a population estimated at 17k inhabitants, it becomes the third-most populous location in the coverage radius of the prefix 215. This city covers a total area of 2.99 square miles and owns a single non-unique ZIP code: 19446

3. Other Important Locations and ZIP Codes of the 215 Area Code


The 215 area code and its overlays 267 and 445 enclose just 3 counties in its coverage radius:


  • Philadelphia County: Philadelphia is the most populous county of the state but the second-smallest county by land area. Founded on March 10, 1682, it forms part of the 9th largest combined statistical area in the United States. 


  • Bucks County: settled in November 1682, Bucks is one of the three of Pennsylvania’s original counties along with Philadelphia and Chester. It possesses a population of around 629k inhabitants, being the 4th most populated county in the state. 


  • Montgomery County: located in the Delaware Valley, Montgomery is the third-most populous county of Pennsylvania. Founded on September 10, 1784, this territory covers a total area of 487 square miles

Main Postal and Shipping Services

  • USPS Collection Box,  Philadelphia, PA, - +1 215-508-0467
  • Society Hill Mail & Parcel Service Inc,  Philadelphia, PA, - +1 215-627-1750
  • United States Postal Service (PHILA NDC), Philadelphia, PA, +1 215-671-7680
  • Northern Liberties Mailbox Store, Philadelphia, PA, - +1 215-627-6215

4. FAQs


Is the 215 area code available in South Central Pennsylvania?

The 215 area code just belongs to Southeastern Pennsylvania. The south-central region of the state is covered by the 717 area code.

Does the 215 area code have an overlay?

The 215 area code disposes of two overlays; the prefixes 445 and 267.