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The 207 area code belongs to the whole territory of Maine. This telephone prefix has been the only active codification for the state since its introduction. 

The value of this state lies in its great agricultural industry and the massive production of dairy supplies, such as chickens and eggs. Also, this territory encompasses about 535 certified organic farms and, due to its large forest area, it is a relevant paper and wood manufacturer. 

Maine owns 16 counties and 488 incorporated municipalities that consist of cities, towns, and plantations, including PortlandLewiston, and Bangor. All of them are covered by the same area code.

1. History

Introduced in 1947, this dialing code hasn’t been divided or overlaid ever since. This area code is one of the 86 original codifications established by AT&T and the Bell System for the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). 

Since the creation of the NANP, only twelve states have remained with their original numbers serving the full area. They are they're Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. 

Today, the 207 area code is not part of expansion projects until the first quarter of 2025. This deadline has been extended several times for different technical reasons. However, the split of this prefix at the present decade is a fact.

2. Location

Maine lies in the New England region of the United State, located in the northeastern corner of the territory. Maine is the only state bordering a single state in the country, which is New Hampshire to the west of the region. Besides, it delimits the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the northeast and northwest, respectively. 

At being the largest region of the six New England states, Maine represents nearly half of New England’s total area. This location is well-known for its long, cold, and snowy winters, the main characteristic of this portion of the U.S. 

This state is the 43rd most populous with around 1,344 million inhabitants and the 44th largest in the country. The capital of the state is Augusta; however, it’s not the most crowded city in the area. 

Maine belongs to the Eastern Time Zone, just like Maryland and the 301 area code and the 443 area code, and Connecticut, among other regions. The 207 area code contains 486 non-unique postal area zip codes and covers 32508.49 square miles

Adjacent codes

At being the only prefix number covering the state, the 207 area code doesn’t possess any overlay yet. Nevertheless, there are three adjacent codes serving in near regions. 

The codifications 418, 581, and 367 are three dialing codes surrounding the eastern portion of the Canadian province of Quebec, at the northwest of Maine. The activation of the 418 dates from 1947 by AT&T, when it used to cover the northwestern territories. The 581 area code started running in 2008, as its first prefix. And the second one, the 367, in 2017.

On the American side, this prefix is near the 603 area code of New Hampshire.

3. Most Important Cities in the 207 Area Code


This territory is the county seat of Cumberland County and the most populous city of the state with an estimated 66.595 residents. It belongs to the Greater Portland Metropolitan Area consisting of Cumberland, Sagadahoc, and York counties. 

The foundation of Portland dates from 1633, by the Englishmen Richard Tucker and George Cleeve. The tourism sector plays a relevant role in the economic activities of the city, where places like the Portland Museum of Art and the Old Port district are some of the most singular and frequented locations. 

In the same way, fishing and commercial shipping are crucial industries in the region. This community, well-known for its 19th-century structures, disposes of a stable telephone network and contains 15 non-unique ZIP codes.


This location, settled in 1754, is the main city located in the Augusta-Waterville Micropolitan Statistical Area. It remains like the county seat of Kennebec County and the current capital of Maine.  

With a population of around 18.605 residents, Augusta is the 9th most populous city in Maine and the 3rd least populous state capital in the United States. This city encompasses some historic locations, such as the University of Maine and Fort Western, which is the oldest wooden fort in the country. 

At being the capital, the telecommunication system and the postal service represent a relevant sector for the city; Augusta covers 5 non-unique ZIP codes: 04330, 04332, 04333, 04336, and 04338. 

4. Other Important Locations and ZIP Codes of the 207 Area Code

The 207 area code is the only prefix employed in Maine State. Plus, it gathers 16 counties within its network, including:


  • Cumberland County: this County is the most populous in Maine (295.003 inhabitants) and is home to the most populous city in the state (Portland). It's the economic and industrial center of the state and covers 52 non-unique ZIP codes


  • York County: located in the Portland-South Portland, ME Metropolitan Statistical Area, York is the southwesternmost county in Maine. At being situated beside the Atlantic Ocean on the Gulf of Maine, this county is considered by residents a summer resort town. Also, it contains 42 non-unique ZIP codes


  • Penobscot County: settled on February 15, 1816, it is home to the city of Bangor, which is also its county seat. It is the 3rd most populous county in Maine and disposes of 47 non-unique ZIP codes


  • Kennebec County: created from portions of Cumberland and Lincoln Counties on February 20, 1799, Kennebec encompasses the state capital city (Augusta). This county owns a population estimated in 122.302 inhabitants and possesses 34 non-unique ZIP codes

Main Postal and Shipping Services

  • US Postal Service,  Hampden, ME- +1 207-941-2063
  • US Post Office,  Saco, ME - +1 207-284-5971
  • York Village Post Office, York, ME +1 207-363-2441
  • Package & Postal Center, Orono, ME - +1 207-581-3727

5. FAQs

Is the 207 area code available in Quebec?

 The province of Quebec possesses its own area code 418 and the overlays 581 and 367 for the entire region.

Does area code 207 have an overlay?

The area code 207 is the only prefix available in Maine and doesn’t have overlays.