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Alaska was incorporated to the United States on january 3rd, 1959.

This cold territory, located to the north of the country, almost in the artic, used to belong to Russia. In 1867, it was sold only for 7.2 millions of dollars; it’s a vast territory very far from the other states geographically seen on maps.

Alaska is, nowadays, a very wealthy state full of nature wonders. Since its forests practically unexplored with an astonishing amount of trees and wild animals until its unique glaciars and geography full up minerals and oil this last resource, precisely known as “the black gold” is what has helped Alaska grow economically.

The capital of Alaska is Juneau, but anchorage is the most crowded city of all.

Talking about wild animals, we may mentioned that it may be seen some kind of bears, the grizzly bear, which is the biggest bear in the world and the polar bear which is way of extinction. One can also behold a great variety of birds, deers, mooses, eagles, seals, whales, orcas and so on.

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