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The 732 area code is one of the ten telephone prefixes that cover New Jersey, covering the central-eastern region.

This code was to replace part of the coverage of the 908 area code; however, the government had to create another prefix in four years to prevent problems with the network.

Around 2,4 million people depend on the 732 as their main telephonic service. Ironically, no city in this region reaches 100k inhabitants. In other words, this territory is rural and its population is dispersed.

For that reason, we detail the most important locations of the 732 area code, its history, and most important shipping services.

1. History

This prefix was launched by the government in 1997 to relieve the demand for the 908 area code, one of the first networks.

Four years later, the users’ rate grew would grow dramatically and unexpectedly. As a result, New Jersey established a new overlay code to maintain the network stability: the 848.

As an overlay, it covers exactly the same locations as the 732. The difference is that new users get the 908, whereas the former stay with the former ones.

For now, there’s no plan to develop a third code. First, there must be a rising number of telephone carriers, which is not expected yet in this remote territory.

2. Location

The 732 area code is in the eastern region of New Jersey, covering Middlesex, NJ, Ocean, NJ, Somerset, NJ, Monmouth, NJ, and Union, NJ.

On the other hand, the 732 is part of the Eastern Time Zone, sharing the same timeline as all the rest of the east. In other words, you can call from Chicago, New York, Miami, and the times between both locations will be the same.

The difference of this time zone is one hour of the Central, two hours of the Mountains Time Zone, and three hours of the Western.

Besides, it has one hour of difference in comparison to the Atlantic Time Zone. In other words, to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

As we mentioned, this is part of the rural territories of New Jersey. As a result, there are no large metropolitan areas within these borders. This isolation may cause problems with long-distance calls, especially in the farthest towns.

Adjacent Codes

Although this zone doesn’t border New York, it’s surrounded by four of its area codes: 347, 929, 718, and 917. On the other hand, it’s bordered by five area codes within New Jersey: 609/640, Trenton, NJ; 732/848, Toms River, NJ.

3. Most Important Counties in the 732 Area Code

Middlesex, NJ

With around 825k inhabitants, this county is the most populated in the 732 area code and the second most populated in the state.

The Somerset and Union Counties are northwest and north of Middlesex, respectively. Richmond County, NJ, is northeast, whereas Monmouth County is southeast and Mercer County is southwest.

Although it has an important users rank, this region is considerably rural. Therefore, even in its most populated city, you might have to face poor reception.

The 732 has 45 ZIP codes by 2021.

Monmouth, NJ

Monmouth County has around 628k inhabitants, being the second most populated county within the 732 area code and the fifth of New Jersey.

It’s north of Ocean County, northeast of Burlington, east of Mercer, south of Richmond County, NY, and southeast Middlesex.

With around 12k inhabitants, Red Bank is the most important city in this territory; however, Monmouth counts on numerous boroughs, towns, and townships.

Alike the adjacent regions, this one is rural. Keep this in mind when calling.

Monmouth has 50 ZIP codes within its telephone systems.

Ocean, NJ

This county disposes of around 604k residents, being the third most populated region using this telephone prefix. Not to mention one of the largest counties in New Jersey.

Ocean is not only known for its nearness to the Atlantic, but also its cultural and historical heritage. For that reason, history enthusiasts have excellent attractions in this region.

The county is home to Barnegat, Toms River, and Beach Haven, among other 44 incorporated cities and towns.

Ocean County possesses 32 ZIP codes.

4. Other Important Locations in the 732 Area Code

  • Toms River, NJ: previously the Township of Dover. This city is located in Ocean County, has over 93k inhabitants, and 5 ZIP codes.


  • New Brunswick, NJ: part of Middlesex County. This city is known across the U.S. for its ethnic diversity and its medical and pharmaceutical development. For both, it’s known as “The Hub City” and “Healthcare City”. It has around 56k citizens and 7 ZIP Codes.


  • Lakewood, NJ: Lakewood is a township of +104k inhabitants, located in Ocean County. This tranquil township is renowned for its religious traditions and antique atmosphere. Plus, it has just one ZIP code: 08701.


  • Long Branch, NJ: Long Branch is in Monmouth County, having around 30k inhabitants. This is a beachside city, which has one of the best views of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, it has one ZIP code: 07740.


  • Perth Amboy, NJ: this city is located in Middlesex County, having around 51k inhabitants. Interestingly, it was the capital of Eastern New Jersey before the establishment of the modern state. Besides, it possesses three ZIP codes.


  • Somerset: this is an unincorporated community in the county of the same name. It disposes of around 22k inhabitants and two ZIP codes.

Most Important Postal and Shipping Services

  • Bradley Beach - Ocean, NJ - +1 732-775-7013
  • Lakewood Post - USPS Contract Postal Unit – Lakewood - +1 732-770-8585
  • Cargo Xpress - Middlesex, NJ - +1 732-356-2000
  • United States Postal Service - Morganville, NJ - +1 732-591-2440
  • Inchcape Shipping Services Inc - Woodbridge Township, NJ - +1 732-636-7778
  • Unishippers – Colts Neck, NJ - +1 732-677-3691
  • Craters & Freighters - Middlesex, NJ - +1 732-563-9200
  • The UPS Store - Manaplan Township, NJ -+1 732-536-4490

5. FAQs

What Is the difference between the 732 area code and the 908 area code?

Both prefixes are assigned for the same territories. The 732, however, was first, which means modern telephones utilize the latter.

Does New Jersey Have a Good Telephone Reception?

It does in large metropolitan areas. In rural zones, remote towns, and scatter cities, the coverage may be deficient.